"People's Democratic Republic of Woodstock" Is City-State on world. Made by Awers and Reaqu. City contains mostly schematics from internet but some buildings are hand-made block by block

First Version of Woodstock(start of fall 2017)

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First version of Woodstock looked like that the pictures. progress through 6 months has been huge. There is no picture of how the top of the farm looked like before but it was similar to how it looks today but the meaning were actually to make Awer's House at the top of hill but Awer's though that the hill is not big enough and you cant really build too much there so he chosed to move his house down(as you can see stone bricks in the background on picture). Today Awer's house is on Pasteur Street 5, Woodstock-Islington. The farm got expanded to chicken house and chicken's and cocoa beans farm beside. The place where now you can find Parliament, and Solidarity plaza in West Woodstock were empty only trees, grass and mobs. The chicken farm got expended on the opposite side of chicken farm Awers created sugar farm builded barn on other side where pig/cow & sheeep fam and beside this barn he moved cocoa beans farm

Woodstock today

more will be added later